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What is mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a way for you and your spouse to work together to control the decisions that will affect your futures, instead of having a Judge make these decisions for you. You and your spouse will sit down, either in-person, or via video conference, with a trained divorce mediator who acts as a neutral to facilitate communication and creative problem solving in a safe environment. Our mediator helps you resolve issues on property division, child/spousal support child custody and other divorce related issues. Mediation is a private and confidential way to resolve disputes and come to an agreement that addresses both of your goals, values and needs. If you are looking for a divorce process where you control the outcome and can bring a close to the uncertainty, fear, and confusion that typically takes place during divorce then mediation may be right for you. While cost is determined, in large part, by how quickly and efficiently spouses are able to make decisions, Mediation is often a better alternative than litigation, which can be time consuming and expensive, as you control the process.

Donna is unique among Pennsylvania divorce mediators as her financial background and CDFA training allows her to provide clients with knowledgeable and in-depth information on the financial complexities of the divorce process so that you can understand the financial implications of your decisions and negotiate on a level playing field. She uses divorce software to illustrate charts, graphs and financial projections to show both spouses what their future financial situation may look like under any settlement scenario.

        Mediation sessions can be either virtual or in-person.  Meeting via video conference eliminates travel, is more flexible, allows all parties to see each other, permits screen-sharing for joint review of documents/information and can accommodate divorcing couples when one party may be living out of state.

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