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Attorney Services

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Services for Attorneys

Some attorneys are reluctant to introduce a CDFA® into the divorce process because of perceived cost, duplication of services, or belief that only financially complex cases justify the use of a financial expert. The fact is that our services supplement your efforts and enhance the divorce process and outcome for your client.

Choosing to work with a CDFA® will provide you with the following benefits

Easier case preparation – We can help compile, organize and inventory your client’s financial assets and liabilities and educate them on their financial position. We will help obtain and interpret additional documentation required for your case. Typically, the earlier financial details are explored the smoother the process.

A more powerful case – We will prepare in-depth financial projections using charts and graphs that show the financial effect of any given divorce settlement scenario. We find when working with attorneys and their clients that they can better understand the marital financial picture and proposed split when they see a visual look at what a proposed settlement may look like after 5 – 10 – 20 years. Our projections depict income, after-tax implications of support and sale/division of assets, cash flow, and net worth projections of both parties compared to each other.

A credible resource in court – Should your case go to court, we can act as an expert witness by providing data to support your argument with our financial knowledge acquired from over 30 years of experience.

A way to leverage your time and increase to your bottom line – Many attorneys don’t have the luxury of having a financial expert on staff. Our years of financial experience allows us the ability to handle the financial complexities of your case so that you are able to spend more of your time providing legal advice and taking on new cases.

Flexible interaction and billing – We are flexible in how we interact with your client. We can work openly with you as a visible member of your team, or we can consult directly with you to provide the specific services needed for your case. Fees can be paid directly to us by the client or though the attorney.  Our hourly rate is $200.

QDRO Assistance

DRO completion is priced on a flat fee basis per DRO which includes:

  • Necessary research
  • Requesting additional information from the Plan Administrator prior to initial submission of draft to the Plan.
  • Reasonable employer, client and attorney communciations about document status.
  • Submitting a draft copy to the Plan and completing any document revisions which may be required.
  • Follow-up to be certain the Plan accepts the DRO as completed and provides a Letter of Acceptance.

Pension Valuations – Present Value Calculations

Please, feel free to contact us for pricing on QDRO drafting and/or Pension Valuations or with any questions you may have about our services.