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Divorce Services

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What We Offer

During Divorce

  • Compile, organize, and inventory financial assets/liabilities and educate client on their financial position
  • Bring specialized divorce financial analysis software to meetings to provide on-the-spot financial analysis to help resolve property distributions and examine the pros and cons of different divorce settlements
  • Prepare a historical lifestyle analysis and current and future monthly income/expense reports
  • Identify and clarify inconsistencies in financial information
  • Marital tracing to uncover separate property, debt responsibility and hidden assets
  • Analyze debt and suggest methods for unwinding marital debt
  • Determine whether to keep or sell the house
  • Evaluate compensation, retirement and insurance issues
  • Educate client on the financial and tax implications of splitting various assets
  • Prepare case scenarios based on proposed financial settlement with charts and graphs that depict, over a 5 to 20-year time frame, the income, after tax implications of support and sale of assets, cash flow, and net worth projections of husband and wife as compared to each other
  • Analyze, compare and contrast various settlement offers and propose alternative financial solutions
  • Insuring and protecting child and/or spousal support
  • Clarify and prioritize client’s financial short-term and long-term goals and objectives
  • QDRO Assistance: Flat fee for research/draft preparation/forms completion
  • Pension Valuations:  Flat fee for present value calculation.

Post Divorce

  • Oversee and arrange for transfer of settlement assets and closing accounts in joint name (monitoring until complete)
  • Open suitable account into which funds can be transferred
  • Establishment of a post-divorce cash flow plan and budget – Set up budgeting and money management systems
  • Design a comprehensive investment strategy based on individual financial goals
  • Manage investments, monitor results, and update plans
Any post divorce security or investment services would be provided through our role as financial advisor with Medallion Wealth Management Inc.